Understand Our Project

The Project "HKUST-Lee Kum Lee Happy Family Learning Center" is the joint effort by Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to promote "Cross-Generation Harmony" and "Happy Family Learning".

You can meet the keen developers.


Learn Psychology of Personal Growth Free Online

Care to know more about how your kids are growing up? Best might be to check out how you're being brought up. Michelle's course might give you a glimpse of your journey leading to the kind of person you are now.

You can meet the keen developers.


Code with AppInventor

Living in the age of the computer with modern technology, everyone should have to have some basic understanding of how to use our devices, not just from the application side, but also the underlying mechanism. Kenneth's course covers the underlying concepts of mobile app development using the very easy-to-learn tool, MIT App Inventor. It provides many interesting hands-on examples, including simple games and practical tools, to make programming fun and easy even for beginners without any prior programming experience.

You can find their creativity and energy through their artworks.